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& compationate psychiatric care.


Psychological Testing

What to Expect?

Psychological testing typically begins with a 1-hour initial intake interview with a licensed clinical psychologist. During the interview, the psychologist will gather relevant background history and current symptomology in order to determine the appropriate testing battery. Testing is typically reserved for 4-hour sessions, but the actual length may vary depending on the referral question, mental fatigue, and other unique characteristics of the client.

Reports are typically completed within 4-6 weeks after the final testing session. We understand that special circumstances may necessitate a more rapid turnaround, and such concerns can be addressed during the initial consultation.

Once the report is completed, our office will contact you to set up a final appointment with the psychologist to go over the results and recommendations. This will allow you the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have with the psychologist directly. You will be given two copies of the report and one will be on file in your records should you ever have questions in the future.

Our office is unique in that the entire process from the initial interview, to analysis of results, report writing, and final consultation, is completed by the same psychologist, allowing for a thorough and comprehensive assessment. This not only allows you to build a relationship with the examiner, but it also greatly minimizes the possibility of information being lost or misinterpreted.

Insurance Information

Appointments with Licensed psychologist for psychological testing are made only after verifying with your insurance to get authorization approval. Approval process might take 3-7 business days or longer depending on your insurance and the length of testing hour session for the testing. Once authorization is approved we will contact you to schedule an appointment.